Capital of Greece

Of all the books written by many authors in the world, the best stories are written by us in between the passport pages. Travelling across worldwide is the best way to enjoy the life which gives a relaxation from the daily routines. It’s necessary to render our life to the hands of nature to feel the scenic attractions of each and every place of this bewitching big blue marble. Most people feel like traveling across all over the world is their lifetime achievement. It sounds good as they don’t need to worry about their present or future life; only thing is their never-ending travel.

Among the world’s beautiful places, Athens has its unique place in the sublunary world. Athens, the capital of Greece is renowned for its ancient civilization and empire. It is the native of both UNESCO world heritage sites such as the Acropolis and Daphni Monastery. Athens is one of the biggest economic centers with a population of around 664,046 in the South Eastern Europe. Many services are offering holiday tour packages to any place in the world. The heritage of the classical era remains evident within the town, diagrammatical ancient monuments, and works of art, the foremost illustrious of all being the Parthenon, thought-about a key landmark of early civilization. Town additionally retains Roman and Byzantine monuments, moreover a smaller range of Ottoman monuments.

Athens brings history alive

Athens is well-known for its ancient history which is reflected in the architectures of the Acropolis museum. Many museums offer courses, exhibition, and events about the educations to children and youngsters to shine in their life. Athens happy train travel commences from Syntagma Square and Monastiraki Square followed by the historical center of the city and destined at the hill of Acropolis. This journey takes about 60 minutes which every traveler along with the children loves to travel in train to view the Athens’s ancient beauty.

Apart from train tour, Athens also offers Segway tour from different places. Athens is divided by its one part with ancient monuments and with another part with modern fascinating cities in the Mediterranean. For the first time visitors, following with experienced tour guide is the best option to gather the information about the mythical and historical life of Greek people and the monuments.

Places to stay

Apart from tourists spot and ancient monuments, Athens has its own specialty towards restaurants and hotels. Many restaurants and hotels are located in the center of the city so that visitors can relax for a while resting in these restaurants and then moving on towards their favorite spots. For enjoying the luxury style, classy hotels are located in the nearby places with various extraordinary features which receive the positive outcome from the travelers visiting over there. Along with these amazing features, some hotels also offer the cab service so that the chauffeurs take those visitors to the tourist spot where they like and also would drop them safely at the end of the day.

Most hotels afford rooms on the higher floors and in ground floors, they provide shopping malls along with that food spot with yummy dishes at affordable prices adds as the benefits for those moving towards luxury hotels. The resorts are designed with different shapes like panoramic view to give the center of attraction and a unique style from other resorts. A lot of services provide a holiday package based the customer’s desires based on children and adults safety and needs from booking the flight tickets to the end of the tour with the limited price. Enjoy your family trip to Athens by staying in the best classy hostels and feel the service and features which gives the best memorable and funny moments with your friends and family.

Points of interest

Parthenon is a temple on the Athenian Acropolis next to the hill. The best part of this temple is that, wherever you stand, the overview of this temple can be seen. Many tourists used to say this place as the breathtaking place and got attracted to its architectural beauty.

Syntagma square is one of the most attracting places, must visit at least for once while in Athens. Athens happy train tour begins from this place and the station is located exactly in the middle of the plaza, adds an easy access for tourist to travel in train.

Theatre of Dionysus, where all drama shows take place accompanies around 15000 people. Many tourists blinked about its stunning structure and the technology used over there. Visitors often used to review that this theatre as one of their favorite spot to watch the shows and dramas. You can make booking to these shows using Casperon Trujiz or Zoplay Jizari

Kolonaki is the best spot for shopping where international labels and Greek designer boutiques are left for sale. Also, it is the finest place in Athens where tourists can find the restaurants to experience the Greek taste.  Glyfada in the south suburbs of Athens is more populous for the enjoying lively the nightlife, entertainment and holiday atmosphere. Are you waiting to enjoy the rest of your life in a joyful manner? Visit Athens once in your lifetime to feel the ancient and ethnic beauty at one hand as well as modernized city beauty at the other hand. Give up your hands to nature and it blossoms the life towards the art of scenic beauty.

Places to see in Athens

Mind-blowing places in Athens, strive to capture the eyes and hearts of tourists also the first time visitors. Travelers love to visit National gardens in Athens during summer occasion as it handovers a green oasis all along the way for the best sunny afternoon trips. It is covered with the canopy of trees with vibrant plant life, gives peace to both mind and heart.

Another breathtaking place is the New Acropolis Museum which makes its presence near the base of the hill, where the visitors can have the overview of the entire city. The best part of this museum is its ancient sculptures along with goddess Athena.

Temple of Olympian Zeus is the largest temple in Greece as it took seven centuries to complete. Its massive ancient look reminds us the Greek history, right now, only 15 remains out of 104 huge columns.

Plaka is the most favorite tourist spot of many visitors which resides under Acropolis and extends to Syntagma. The area is a kind of non-public and boasts which gives a distinctive scenic beauty with many cafes, ancient trees, inexperienced leaf canopies and stone walkways. The place is well-known for its food, shop retailers, and cafes.