Must do Activities in Athens

Best of Athens is its culture and traditions of Greek. For the first time visitors, Athens is the best tourist spot in their lifetime. Embrace the Acropolis and Plaka as their columns give an everlasting memory of the ancient civilization. Heavenly food in the Greek mezze which offers the yummy taste of peppery fresh olive oil is the best delicious lunch ever in anywhere. The architecture in the Acropolis museum brings out the vengeance and philosophies in their eyes.

Electra rooftop garden hotel is the famous restaurant for its tasty dines where most tourist people visit there often. At the end of the day, if you are still feeling energetic, then move towards the seashore to watch the beauty of moonlight falling on the sea, and the waves touching the seashore gives a delightful nightlife by watching these attractive beauties of the Athens.

Athens is also famous for its shopping, especially during the Christmas occasion. Shopping malls will be decorated with Santa Claus dolls with gifts and stars tied up with the Christmas tree. Different shapes of candles attract the tourist’s eyes and also children love playing with the games and snow falls over there. These are activities to be done in Athens to enhance the meaning of your life to feel these ethnic beauties.